Dear Pilots,
> We are pleased to invite you to the 1st Jura Cup, a F3J Eurotour Contest which will take place this year in France.
> During the past two years, we were often asked on the fields for a french international F3J contest : we will do it on june 18 &19th in Arbois.
> Arbois is a little town in the Jura mountains, close to Switzerland, and not too far from Germany and Italy.
> This ground is located in the mountains of the Jura, between the town of Dôle and the Swiss border.
> Arbois is the Jura's capital of wine, and a city of character. Arbois is known for his yellow wine, it was the first officially recognized vintage in France.
> The contest will take place on the airfield usually reserved for the sailplanes
> We have prepared a website :
> Please forward this invitation to all F3J interested pilots you know. We hope to seeing you in this event.
> If you need further informations don´t hesitate to contact me.
> Best regards
> Stephane Champanhet,

organiser of the contest

My phone number + 33 384 792 305 it’s also fax number

GSM : + 33 664 177 071



62 b rue du muguet

39100 DOLE