Equipment for F3J - see also Other equipment

Here is presented some of the equipment used in F3J competitions. Click on the pictures.
If you know of good gear that should have been presented here dont hesitate to send email

Dobbel omlenk
Double turnnaround/pulley often seen in international contests. Side of drum can be opened for the line.
 Ober modellbau
Price apx. 1000Nkr
Denis Truffo in Italy makes this nice turnaround/pulley both for F3J and winch. Price apx 60EUR + delivery
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Kraftig håndvinsj
Powerful handwinch with changeable drums for fast changing of lines. Very solid built. Ober modellbau
Price apx. 1200Nkr Drums apx. 50Nkr
Enkel vinsj
Simple winch from Graupner. Not in production anymore. It is too small for larger lines and gear brakes easily. Price apx. 300Nkr
Enkel omlenk
Simple turnaround for one man pulling. Simple and easy. Works great as a spare.
Price apx. 500Nkr

Leverandør ?
Plug for ground attachment. Length +30cm.  (as of 03-2002 not allowed alone, see drawing)
Kraftig håndvinsj, i enkel og god utførelse.
 Powerful handwinch. Cheap and ok.
(Jo Grini / Samba)
Diverse liner
Lines in different thickness. Usually one uses 1,05-1,45 in F3J. Deppendent on airplane and wind. Line shall be max 150m at/2kg force.
Pris apx. 150-250Nkr
Meget god Norsk-produsert omlenk
Very good Norwegian produced turnaround with plastic cover (rules say min15cm). Aluminium and wood. Made by Lage Salomonsen.
Price: ?

Powerful handwinch for F3J. Simple and good design with changable drums.
(Jo Grini / Samba)
Price apx. ?kr

Parachute in FAI size
(Jo Grini / Samba)
Price apx. 100Nkr / 12EUR
Kraftig enkel omlenk
Powerful pulley for one man pulling. Carbon shield.
Pris apx. 1000Nkr
Ober modellbau

Bungee document (nor.txt)
made by Alf Erik Ross
Norwegian providers...
US provider

Dimension link

How to arrange the plugs in ice when using a rubber histart.

Bungee tube connection. Tested for 50+kg tension 100+ launches.
Video "how to" by "inventor" Stig Magne Olsen:

 Knot a broken line:
PS Use some spit in the knot before you tighten..
An extra knot and long ends is also good...

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