Description / collection of data for winches to sailplane launches.
One would also need battery, parachute and lines.
Equipment for F3J go HERE

  • Winch in Aufwind nr.3 1994 (PDF-documents)
    Page 1 - Description
    Page 2 - Description
    Page 3 - Drawing drum
    Page 4 - Drawing frame
    Page 5 - Some motor names

  • Turnaround simple type by Lage Salomonsen
    Picture 1 - Turnaround for F3B and F3J
    Picture 2 - Drum measurements

  • Turnaround constructed by Gjermund Westad
    Good and simple for F3B
    Picture 1 - Turnaround
    Picture 2 - Drum

  • Winch by Gjermund Westad and Tor Midtlund
    site down as  of 12/5-09

  • Rebuilt Hollenbeck turnaround by Jo Grini
    Picture 1 - Drilled into ice
    Video - Shows that it works to the side also. (1mb .wmv)

  • Turnaround / Winch proffecional by Hollenbeck
    No longer in sale sadly but there might be a new builder around soon for this winch.

    Picture 1 - Winch
    Picture 2 - Internal brushes
    Picture 3 - Turnaround
    Picture 4 - Turnaround closeup
    Picture 5 - Other angles
    Picture 6 - Other angles
    Picture 7 - Other angles
    Picture 8 - Other angles

  • Other links:
    Link to

    Parts in Belgium

  • If you have problems with one way bearing on the Ober Winch in freezing temperatures you need to read how to change lubricant. If you are using the winch in +45C you leave it.. Drum is tightened with a 6mm umbrako 165mm in Read HERE

  • To adjust your winch you need either Manganin or Constantan resistor ("Kanthal" often called). Ober has a nice one to put on your battery (then you can have two equal batteries)


  •  How to... line:
    Use a bit of your spit before you tighten.

  • Another one:

    Somebody wanted pictuers of winches and turnarounds.
    Here they are ;)


Jo Grini with simple winch built by Ole Hoel (sold to Finn Krogvig)

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Ever seen a f3B-launch from the plane ? Here are a small video well worth the download 
(2,8mb .wmv)
Summer version of the video is HERE (10mb .wmv)

Some small practice video F3B from 2003
(5,6mb .wmv)

A cool DS-video (1mb) from "Hystar film productions" in Hanstholm, Denmark. You will need Quick-time from Apple.

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