Notes to those wanting to do a holiday before/after World Championhip F3J 2024, Norway
Videos and txt here is by Jo Grini to help you choose region and places


Location for World Champs is Starmoen Airport that is owned by the Federation
Here is camping, cabins, appartments and everything we need for a long week.
Google link - 60.8787, 11.6741


Lots of things are not ready but any questions about holiday can be sent to
Jo Grini, jo(at) , +47 90898709


Driving in Norway is a bit different than other European Countries. The roads are not as wide and the speed limit is lower. So basically I would say you should look at double driving times compared to rest of Europe. There is speed cameras (tickets are very high), automatic road tickets for the owner of the car and many places on the coast you will need to take a ferry.

First look at Visit to Norway website Here you can choos regions


Many visiting Norway would like to go to Nordkapp as that is the furthest north you can get in Norway. But it is a very long drive and you probably would go thru the woods in Sweden to save time and will not see much on the way there. So a basic tip is to look for other places in Norway that is anyhow probably much more beautyful and you will see a lot more. It is a good thing to not rent a wide motorhome as the roads are narrow many of the coolest places. Myself I like a motorhome with maximum 205-215cm width while the bigger motorhomes often are 230-235cm wide. In Norway you can camp with your Motorhome or Tent almost anywhere but there are still some basic rules! You should not camp closer than 150m from a house and you can not drive off road with you car/motorhome to get that cool spot. If it feels like you are "trespassing" you probably are and should think twice. The rules is that anyone should be able to use Norway as long as you take care of our country. That means you bring your poo home again.. AND leave the site as you found it. But you will on the way find a lot of small roads to that gorgeous spot if you just take your time and zoom into that google maps or whatever you are using. You can camp up to 2 days in one spot. You will also find lots of places to stay were you pay a small fee and off course many regular camping places. Norway is also full of walking tracks with signs to reach super places. A good app for walking is "UT - hele Norges turplanlegger" that shows time to walk the different trails (found for both android and apple). The website is


BTW Aurora polaris / Northern lights is basically not seen during summertime but sometimes it still appears. The reason is during summer we have the midnight sun from 68" and north while the south of Norway have very little dark during nights. Aurora Borealis needs darkness to be spectacular. The many hours of sunshine means you are able sit outside and enjoy your view untill late nights and from early mornings :-)


I have not myself been to Nordkapp (seen no reason to) but have travelled most of Norway up to just North of Lofoten. You will find tons of drone videos on my youtube channel, Instagram and browsing thru my Facebook. Bring your planes to a slope? You will find many slopes on THIS site


I will strongly suggest to concentrate on one of the following areas. Use VisitNorway to get an idea:

 - South Norway and up to Stavanger with some fjords and huge white beaches (maybe even Preikestolen or Kjerag if you want a little hiking). Some smaller mountain roads are just fantastic here. Dont be afraid to go some smaller mountain roads. They are worth it.


- East Norway with fjords and huge mountains but also extremely nice beaches far out to the sea. Loen skylift flying site as example takes you up one level.. and Refviksanden is an example of gorgeous beaches. Or walk to see one of the largest glaciers in the world like this one. On the way there you will drive some cool mountain roads


- North east Sundmøre were you will go Trollveggen, Atlantic road and possibly down again thru Geiranger


- Helgeland. When trying to drive up north and the weather is favorable go the coastal road instead of main road (E6 is main up north). Fantastic area and maybe do a ferry to one of the iceland or a trip to Torghatten near Brønnøysund.


- Lofoten. Yes this is the plce to be... but far to reach and one should enjoy. 5-7 days is not enough including driving to Lofoten. Consider going north in Lofoten and possibly the ferry to Senja if Lofoten is crowded. Senja is just as amazing.


- Nordkapp. Thru Norway you will find gorgeous places and also from Tromsø to Nordkapp although it is far and flatter you will find areas taking your breath away. Please consider time... Norway is long and speed limits low.



Here is a map of distances to give you an idea. Scroll under it to read more detailed places I would highly recommend




Want to visit and fly models? This video from some years ago shows friends from Norway and USA meet and have a road trip from Stavanger thru my area ( Fagernes in Valdres ) and up to Lofoten


1. Nordkapp

Extremely far away for most of us. But for those that just have to see it you will need to drive +24hours up and then same down again with starting point Starmoen. That is thru the woods of Sweden. Thru Norway it is further. I know many wants to go here but I strongly suggest a more south region since most of your trip will be driving and you will be dead tired not able to enjoy it (unless you fly there).

2. Lofoten

Lofoten is becoming the extreme place to visit nowadays. July and August is the most crowdy times with lots of visitors. But it is big and if you do some smaller roads instead of the main roads you will find many cool places and everywhere they try to makes small stuff for tourists. You can go by boat and watch whales or scooba dive or maybe visit a lot of different artist galleries. Artists from all over the world have found a home here. You will find many small bakeries and restaurants and while some are expensive there are also desent prices found. Enough of groceries all over to buy your own stuff. It might be an idea to go to the Northern part or even a ferry or drive to "Senja" to have just as spectacular views but less people. The drive to Lofoten from south is long and I tend to check the weather and instead do the slower coastal road from "Brønnøysund to Mo i Rana". The are is called "Helgeland" and is a fantastic route with small ferries here and there. Going on one of the ferries to an island here is just amazing when weather is good.

One option is to fly to Lofoten (example  Leknes airport LKN )and rent a car or motorhome here. They even have this old vans you can rent if you are early. The experience is amazing. But regular motorhomes are also available thru various providers. Careful on ordering hotel places that you actually reach the destination. Changing dates can make you loose that room in July - august...

A good video about travelling in Lofoten and what to expect (fast changing weather but also fantastic days)

Videos Lofoten

Værøy an iceland at the peak of Lofoten

Munken is some of the places you can pass when driving thru the outer parts of Lofoten (example if you take the ferry from Bodø to Moskenes and drive east in Lofoten)

Bleik north of Lofoten

Lofoten has a lot of slopes also if you bring a plane. Beware not to fly closer than 5km from an airport and above crowds of people. Your sporting licence and drone licence (see the bulletin) will make it possible for you to fly elsewhere in Norway ;-)

Driving to Lofoten usually means having a ferry from Bodø. Close by you will find the worlds most powerful maelstrom, Saltstraumen. Extreme amounts of water goes in and out as the moon pulls.

Close to Bodø you will also find many cool places. One example is Mjelle with the red beach because of garnet, a group of minerals found in the area’s rocks

Videos Helgeland

This is how the midnight sun looks like even below 68" in Helgeland at midnight

LONG FPV Video from mid Norway to Lofoten 2021

4. Nordmøre

Nordmøre is kind of the North West of southern Norway. Packed with gorgeous valleys and extreme mountains. But also great beaches (although water in Norway never gets really warm the beach is still nice). Having a trip here thru Lillehammer - Dombås - Trollveggen - Atlantic road and possiby back thru Geiranger - Strynefjellet - Lom - Valdreflya - etc is fantastic

Many places in Norway you can reach glaciers in the summertime with some walking. Some you can reach within half an hour and some takes more. Here is one i flew up were the terrain is actually ok for a trip. Norangsdalen

Slogen, Norangsdalen. Many people climb this one from the backside. Here is frontside...

4. Trollveggen, Nordmøre.

On your way to the famous atlantic road and possibly Geiranger one should pass Trollveggen.

 A black wall of rocks were many have died climbing and doing parachute jumping


Flying on the slopes in Nordmøre

Lots of places to fly though some of them needs some walking. Here is one of the main slopes (close to Molde, Atlantic road and Kristiansund) were we meet every year for a friendly fly and fun for 4-6 days


I live in the south part of Jotunheimen (Aurdal near Fagernes ) that is an area inland were weather is more stable thruout the year and the summers are great. The mountains are huge and full of roads to reach even mountain tops. Not a crowded place as the coast but still gorgeous.


Raudalen in the beginning of Jotunheimen. A small mountain road beetween two valleys take you here. Great outdoor camping place!


As you start the trip from Beitostølen and go over the great Valdresflya you can stop for slope flying or strong mountain thermals at Bitihorn. Here is slow DS just 400m away on same place on a more windy day


This page might develop. Found I am not finished with south yet ;-)


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