Denne siden er ikke en offisiell side for NLF /modellfly

This side is not an official site for NLF /modelplanes
NEW 11.5-2021
Uttaksstevner vil ikke gjelde som uttak og NM vil ikke kunne arrangeres
før FHI / regjeringen sier vi kan reise fritt og Fagsjef/styret sier ja.
Se detaljvedtak på:
Datoer for flere NM satt
NM F5J 19-20.Juni
NM F3F 3-5.September
 NM F3K 7-8.august

Se ellers terminlisten HER

Welcome to
This site contains all information you need about
F3B, F3J and F3F in Norway.
The text is sometimes in Norwegian...
Beware that for the time being there might besome links
that does not work properly...

Ever wanted to start with something that is:
Fast, Cool, Silent and on the edge of what's possible ?
F3X is just that!
Do you also like to compete with the best ?
And maybe become World Champion ?
There are possibilities out there - Just grab them.
So get yourself a sailplane and start practice.....

As always - the National Teams of Norway likes just that....





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